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Regional Premiere

Ten Ways on a Gun

by Dylan Lamb

Based on The Ballad of Tommy Freely conceived by Jessica Person & The Soul Motion Architects

Directed by Jacey Little



Greg Cote, Brendon Duran, Amy Garner Buchanan, Ben McLaughlin, Joy Jones, Jovan Jackson, David Rainey, Tasha Gorel, Mai Hong Le, Jeff Miller

Scenic Design by Kevin Holden

Costume Design by LA Clevinson

Lighting Design by Brian Ealey

Sound Design by Alex Worthington

Properties by Larin Pascal

Landing Theatre @ the Docks

1119 Providence Street

Houston, Texas 77002



Tommy Freely, a troubled Brooklynite, buys a gun (online) in an attempt to regain control over his life; but before he can get that sweet, sweet release his girlfriend FREAKS. Desperate, Tommy opts to “timeshare” the gun with his deadbeat coworkers at his dead-end telemarketing job. The result? Tragically hilarious calamity. Meanwhile, Jessica Person, the floundering director of The Soul Motion Architects theatre and dance ensemble, catches wind of Tommy’s plight. Desperate for a breakthrough performance, she pursues his story at all costs. The result? Tragically hilarious calamity. This is a play, about Jessica’s play, about Tommy’s story, about that gun. The results remain to be seen...    

“Replete with moments of deep drama and biting humor, magic realism and absurdly endearing dance numbers, the show works as a commentary on both the versatility and power of theatrical storytelling: here that power and versatility is turned on American obsession with guns.”


by Artem Yatsunov on 10.14.15




“Given the horrific things we see on the news these days, Ten Ways does an admirable job of taking its audience on a refreshingly humorous trek across very tricky terrain, which Mr. Lamb shrewdly elevates to a higher level with blunt commentary on how something acquired for your protection can also be the greatest threat to your life.”


Willie Keaton

Theatre (New York)



“Ten Ways on a Gun deftly deals with our cultural baggage regarding guns, gun ownership and the tools we use to feel in control of our lives.”





“At its core, Ten Ways on a Gun is about our daily frustrations and the feeling of loneliness, but it also tackles the timely subject of this country’s relationship with guns and violence, placing us in the heart of the constant debate about the ready availability of firearms.”


Inna Tsyrlin





Preview, June 23-25 @ 8pm

Opening, Sunday, June 26 @ 3pm

Closing, July 12th @ 8pm




Thursday, July 7 @ 8pm - Talkback Thursday

Friday, July 8 @ 8pm - LGBTQ* Night

Saturday, July 9 @ 3pm

Saturday, July 9 @ 8pm

Monday, July 11 @ 8pm - Industry Night

Tuesday, July 12 @ 8pm - Closing Night





Industry Night - Monday, July 11 @ 8pm

Talkback Thursdays - June 23 & July 7 - Every Thursday meet the cast and discuss the play

LBGTQ* Night - Friday, July 8th - Join us for a light reception before the show to mix and mingle on the dock - starting at 7pm


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