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The Landing Theatre Company is now offering internships for the Summer Seasons. We are seeking students with a background in theatre that are looking for hands-on experience working with a professional company. The summer internships involve a range of projects included in our summer programming.


1. Internship candidates must be a current or recently graduated undergrad student or high school student.


2. Each intern will be assigned a specific role in the company in the areas of:


· Production

· Marketing/Events

· Stage Management

· Box Office/Audience Services


3. Interns will be given a project or series of measurable tasks that they must complete for the internship.


4. Interns are expected to assist in any other areas that are needed for the company.


5. Interns should generally be available day and evenings from 2-11pm, Tuesday-Sundays, however the schedule may vary.


If interested in applying for a position, submit an LTC Internship Application by the April 1 deadline.








LTC is no longer accepting applications for Internships
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