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Talkback Schedule



After every performance, audience members will have the opportunity to reflect and process the show with director Troy Scheid and members fo the cast, by connecting with a local Houston agency or individual who can provide firsthand information about the play’s universal themes.


Week 1


Thursday            April 20         8 p.m.     Rebecca J. Hopp, Houston artist and educator

Friday                 April 21          8 p.m.     Catholic Charities, Margaret Ayot

Saturday             April 22         8 p.m.      TBA

Sunday                April 23         3 p.m.      No talkback (Opening performance)


Week 2


Thursday            April 27          8 pm.       Holocaust Museum Houston, Emily Sample

Friday                 April 28          8 p.m.      TBA

Saturday             April 29          3 p.m.      Plant It Forward, Randi Rogers

Saturday             April 29          8 p.m.      PAIR - Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees, Lauren West


Week 3


Monday               May 1              8 p.m.      (Industry Night) Young Audiences of Houston, Glenn Bailey, Jr., Seidlitz Education, Carol Salva


Thursday            May 4              8 p.m.       Interfaith Ministries, Kendall Bousquet and Elena Korbut

Friday                  May 5              8 p.m.      Clinic for International Trauma Survivors - BCM/Harris Health, Dr. Sophia Banu

                                                                         Legacy Community Health, Dr. Stephen Chao

                                                                         Moderator: Dr. Thomas Meloncon, playwright and Director of Theatre at TSU

Saturday             May 6              3 p.m.       Clinic for International Trauma Survivors - BCM/Harris Health, Dr. Ye Beverly Du

                                                                         Moderator: Wei-Huan Chen, Theatre Critic for the Houston Chronicle

Saturday             May 6              8 p.m.       (LGBTQ* Night and Reception), Organización Latina de Trans en Texas, Anandrea Molina

                                                                         Moderator: Curtis Barber, Assistant Director of IN DARFUR


Week 4


Thursday           May 11              8 p.m.       Texan-French Alliance for the Arts, Karine Parker-Lemoyne

Friday                May 12              8 p.m.       Alliance for Multicultural Community Services, Mahesh Neopaney

Saturday            May 13             3 p.m.       CHAdsdT TX - Culture of Health - Advancing Together, Dr. Aisha Siddiqui

Saturday            May 13             8 p.m.       Refugee Services of Texas, Basel Mousslly

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