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In July, 1943, World War II rages and has reached the gates of Rome. Both the Nazis and Communists have sworn to wipe out the Catholic Church. Hitler has sworn to exterminate all non-Arians including Jews, gypsies, the handicapped, and the mentally ill in order to achieve what he perceives as a pure Arian world. Pope Pius XII has faithfully honored his predecessor’s achievement in doing all he can to save the church at all costs and help spare European Catholics but now the German army and the dreaded SS have entered Rome. A high ransom has been paid to save Rome’s Jews but Adolph Eichmann has ordered their removal to Auschwitz by train; the last Nazi train to leave Rome. The Allies are close. Guided by the American Ambassador, will the Pope give orders to stop the train and thereby give the SS reason to enter Vatican City where 1200 refugees have been hidden? Will he be persuaded by Cardinal Maglione to again turn a blind eye and continue to protect the church? Will he be persuaded by Albrecht von Kessell, the German Consul to Rome and Captain in the Army of the Third Reich, not to incite Rome’s Catholic population or if he does suffer the consequences after Germany’s victory? History has recorded his decision.

THE LAST TRAIN by Pat Morgan

  • Monday, May 20 @ 7pm

    Free Admission - Reservations Recommended


    Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church

    4930 W Bellfort Avenue
    Houston, TX 77035


    Free Lot parking and Street parking

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