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The New American Voices Play Reading Series

Playwrights Roster



A Series of Inelastic Collisions

by Eugenie Carabatsos

Hanover, NH

RachelBykowski1-WEB (1).jpg

The Forgotten Language of the Handshake, or The Torso Play

by Rachel Bykowski

Chicago, IL

Spencer Huffman.jpg

The Baseball Gods

by Spencer Huffman

Chicago, IL

David Davila 1.jpg

Aztec Pirates: A Latinex Fantasia on National Themes

Part One: The Insignificance of Life on Mars

by David Davila

New York, NY


Amy Berryman - Portrait.jpg

The New Galileos

by Amy Berryman

New York, NY

John Minigan 2020 NAV.jpg

Queen of Sad Mischance

John Minigan

Framingham, MA



by Angela J. Davis

Los Angeles, CA

Kirby Fields SQ.jpg

The Best Punk Band in Conway, Missouri: An Oral History of Presley Cox and the Fallout Five

by Kirby Fields

New York, NY


The Impossible Escape of Don Misterioso 

by Hal Borden

Philadelphia, PA

W for the Gilbster

David Spence

Las Cruses, NM

land of no mercy: un drama américano (in tzvey aktn)

by Rae Binstock

Brooklyn, NY

Ms. Emma Mole

by Cecile Pace

New York, NY


The Bargain I Have Made

by Gwendolyn Rice

Madison, WI

The Forbidden Fruits of Honey Frost

Fengar Gael

New York, NY

Pieces of the Pie

by Shelli Pentimall Bookler

Philadelphia, PA

The American Dream

by Juan Ramirez, Jr.

Bronx, NY


Wanda, Daisy and the Great Rapture

by Alexis Schaetzle

Brooklyn, NY


John Bavoso 

Washington, DC

Under This Roof

by Barbara Kingsley

Astoria, NY

The Benders: A Dark Western

by Anne Phelan

Brooklyn, NY


Nadeeli and the Coyote

by Patricia Reynoso

Oakland, CA

Small Jokes About Monsters 

by Steven Strafford

Chicago, IL

Tall Poppies

by Catherine Rush

Seattle, WA

La Llorona

Cecelia Raker 

Brighton, MA



My Friend Dahmer

Based on the Novel

by Derf 

Adopted for the stage  

by Jake Arky

San Francisco, CA 

Ebenezer Creek  

by James McLindon

Northampton, MA 

Lily's Blue:

Portrait of a man,


by David Alan Brown

Indianapolis, IN

The Me Generation 

by Catherine Rush

Philadelphia, PA



by Vicki Reba Koestler

Alexandria, VA


by Mackenzie Jahnke

Honolulu, HI


by Barbara Lhota

Chicago, IL

Guest Lecture 

by Keelay Gibson

New York, NY


Off the Map 

by Todd Goodlett

Santa Barbara, CA


by Jim Lunsford

Hollywood, CA

The Draper's Eye 

by Fengar Gael

New York, NY

Tango Through the Revolution 

by Adam Douglas

Brooklyn, NY


Wolf Cry Wolf 

by Kevin Kautzman

Austin, TX

White America 

by Reginald Edmund

Chicago, IL

Exit 27 

by Aleks Merilo

Palo Alto, CA


by James McLindon

Northampton, MA

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