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The Sunday Basics 

Fundamentals of Acting

Ongoing Classes - Sunday Evening 6-9pm

Weekly Classes in 4 week blocks

$240.00 per block


Session 2 - March 12 - April 9




“Acting is like little pearls. Make one perfect pearl, then the next and the next and in the end you will have a beautiful necklace” - Lee Abraham

Each week in the four week block, we will dive into a different foundational pillar of acting: given circumstances/beatwork, emotional recall, pacing/rhythm, and movement. Based in the lessons and teachings of my professors at The University of Texas at Austin, we will explore these pillars through a mixture of lectures, acting and preparation exercises, and monologue work. By the end of the block, students will have a basic understanding of underlying terms and approaches to acting, have a developed vocal and physical acting warm up, exercise their ability to personalize acting choices and inform their work through their peer’s performance and critique. Memorization required but all levels welcomed. Let’s make some pearls. 





Natasha Gorel graduated with honors from The University of Texas at Austin where she earned a dual BA degree in Theatre and History. In the year and half she has made Houston her home, she has worked with city favorites such as The Landing Theatre Company, Stages Theatre, The Alley Theatre and Texas Repertory Theatre. Natasha trained with Fourth Wall’s Kim Tobin, acclaimed film coach Deke Anderson and Houston’s Premier Improvisation Troupe BETA Theatre. She is also represented by Pastori-Bosby Talent Agency and has appeared in local commercials for Steve Lee and ARS. Houston credits include: Keily (The Landing Theatre - 10 Ways on a Gun), Daphna (Black Lab Theatre and Stages Theatre - Bad Jews), Female Lead (The Alley Theatre - Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash), Beth and Desdemona (The Alley Theatre - Oskar and the Curiously Colorful Clash), Rayanne (Rec Room - My So Called Life), Liz (Bayou City Theatrics - The Whale), Emile (Firecracker Productions - The Duck Variations), Petra (Texas Repertory Theatre - Romeo and Juliet), Jordan Baker (Bayou City Theatrics - The Great Gatsby). On the university stage, she appeared in Dead Man’s Cell Phone (Hermia), The Sparrow (Emily), and Our Country’s Good (Liz Morden). 



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